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Jul 16, 2017

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They don’t know it, but some debtors are pawns in video games designed to motivate call-center reps. Agents earn prizes for fastest, highest recoveries. Former call-center managers in Vermont run FidoTrack LLC, a company that uses video games and prizes to motivate collections agents in a business notorious for apathy and absenteeism. “You figure a lot of people who are actually collecting are maybe on the other end of the phone in their personal life,” says Brett Brosseau, FidoTrack president and founder. “It sucks to ask people for money.” FidoTrack aims to make collecting fun, running competitions that challenge agents to duels and centerwide competitions as they race to recover money while complying with regulations. Prizes can be choice call-center parking places, team pizza parties, televisions or dinners with bosses. Debtors don’t get to play. But Brosseau says collection agencies can boost revenues by 19%, increasing productivity while reducing turnover and consumer complaints. Consumers benefit, he says, as calls shorten and agents become more responsive. Debtors are losing games of hide and seek. In a practice called skip tracing, collection agencies mine databases to find borrowers who’ve skipped out on debts.

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